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Asparagus, Marigolds for Insect Control, and Mixed Containers

Ep 039 – Asparagus, Marigolds for Insect Control, and Mixed Containers. Ellen and C.L. discus how you can grow asparagus (and what type to plant), explain about marigolds in the vegetable garden, and talk about designing mixed containers for your deck, yard, patio or porch.

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Questions From NWFGS Seattle

Ep 038 – When Ellen and C.L. spoke at the NWFGS in Seattle in February, there were more questions that came in from the audience than they had time to answer. So this episode addresses all of those excellent written queries that we brought home with us. From deer to yellow jackets…favorite books to cleaning Smart Pots, your answers are here.

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Books by Ellen and C.L.

The Wildcrafted Cocktail book by Ellen Zachos

The Wildcrafted Cocktail
by Ellen Zachos

The Cocktail Hour Garden book by C.L. Fornari

The Cocktail Hour Garden
by C.L. Fornari

Backyard Foraging book by Ellen Zachos

Backyard Foraging
by Ellen Zachos

Coffee for Roses book by C.L. Fornari

Coffee for Roses
by C.L. Fornari

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