The Golden Gnome Awards ~ 2018

It’s the award program the world has been waiting for, whether they know it or not. We are totally dependent on plants, so it’s only fitting that Plantrama give out these Golden Gnome awards every year. A toast the the winners

1:20 What’s For Dinner: Best Edibles
Ellen and I award a Golden Gnome to edible plants with surprising flavors.
3:56 Insider Information: Best desk bouquet Flowers
What a treat it is to gather flowers and foliage for small bouquets. And the Gnome goes to…
6:59 Eat, Drink, Grow: Science, Art and Dinner! And the Gnome goes to…
Best Gathering of The Plant Tribe, Wild Category: Wild Harvest Festival
Best Gathering of The Plant Tribe, Cultivated Category: Perennial Plant Association
Best Art Made With Plants, Wild Category: Mullbury Woods Frames
Best Art Made With Plants, Cultivated Category: Botanical collage by Peggy Turner Zablotny
Best Non-Plant Podcast That Featured Plants: Stuff You Should Know, January 2, 2018
Most Surprising Plant Book: An Arkansas Florilegium by Edwin Smith and Kent Bonar, published by the University of Arkansas Press

This book delights from page to page. The history, artistry and plant passion shines from page to page.

20.40 Did You Know: Best Fire Pit Plants:
Sedum acre and Thymus serpyllum… low, tough and…edible!
23.35 Love Letters and Questions: A love letter from Ellen and CL to other people. Best plant hashtag: #monsteramonday

Yes indeed, on Twitter or Instagram, #monsteramonday is our Golden Gnome hashtag!



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